The Mystery to Mastery Method is transforming players across the globe.  It’s logical, Step-By-Step approach highlights your problem areas and offers remedies.


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Some feedback…

“There are books of the past, this is the book of tomorrow! Intelligent, easy to understand, the basic principles are clearly explained and the videos and mp3 sounds help a lot to demonstrate the goal of each exercise. Bravissimo, Mr Spence!!!” 



In the famous words of the amazing Rafael Mendez:

“There are no short cuts when learning how to play the trumpet! It takes practise and patience. I know it is monotonous but finally there comes a time when you can express your emotions with music, and this brings you such a pleasure that all of the dull hours are forgotten…”

Stop Wasting Practise Time

Problems occur thanks to…

1. Pinched Lips
2. Forced Exhalation
3. Misunderstanding How The Trumpet Works


Basically, it’s a combination of these factors that limit most people.

If you think repeating the same old technical exercises over and over (just like 99.9% of the trumpet playing population) will get you to your goals, then Think Again!

There are further consequences to repeated bad practice techniques:


Sound devastating? It is, especially for the hundreds of comeback players who are dismayed that they did not know this information earlier (often 20 years or more); just read some of our customer feedback. Don’t leave it until it is too late!


“Hi Greg, I have been working with your method for the last couple of weeks, and just wanted to say thank you. I have been exploring trumpet methods for the last 30 years or so, and really appreciate the way you have synthesized your studies over such a broad range of brass instrument teachings. I have found your book and videos very helpful, and your approach and passion for playing inspiring. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge and understanding. My best wishes to you. Thanks again.”

There are only a few techniques that must be developed; articulation, harmonic slurs and valves. So why do people struggle on the trumpet. The issues of endurance, poor sound and limited flexibility and range are the biggest problems for 99% of players.

What people are missing is learning what THE BODY MUST DO, AWAY from the instrument. Too much energy is used to try to get a good result; much like a golfer trying to hit the ball as hard as possible.


“This is great Greg. You’re doing a fantastic job for the world’s trumpeters. Claude and Clarke would be proud of you (however overwhelmed they would be with the technology). There’s no one who explains the trumpet like you do. Why is all this stuff so secret or unknown?”


“After spending 20 mins watching and reading these free lessons, I can already noticeably tell the difference in my sound above the stave. I’ve been taught to buzz the mouthpiece all my life and this is just crazy!”

Even ADVANCED Players Hit A “Playing Plateau” Where Improvement Seems IMPOSSIBLE!


Here is an email from Rob Sims who’s experience includes 24 years full time with the amazing Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Head of Brass at Australia’s leading music performance University, The Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne).

“Dear Greg, I love what you’re doing with your web site etc. It’s marvellous for all ages and levels. It’s transforming my playing and an old student of mine who is 84. We’ve both noticed big changes in all areas of our playing. I can feel a Double high C of quality is just around the corner.
I’m playing much easier and what I hear is more pleasing as a result of your videos and the time I have spent on the visualiser and the lead pipe. My 84 year old student had the biggest break through in his playing after working through your book and pinching my visualiser.
People just need to focus on what you are saying and demonstrating on the videos. It’s all there. The breathing aids are also a great help.
All the best
Kind Regards
Rob Sims”


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“What Else Have I Done Today To Deserve Great Results?”


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