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The WindBag re-breathing bag, is a brilliant tool and a must for all wind players.




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The WindBag re-breathing bag, is a brilliant tool and a must for all wind players. Silent, effortless movement of air or NATURAL AIRFLOW is essential when playing wind instruments. The WindBag allows you to visualise air-volume movement in and out of the lungs, without hyper-ventilating. Hyper-ventilation is a lowering of the carbon dioxide levels in the brain.


Re-breathing the same air for a short time is very safe and keeps the carbon dioxide levels steady while working on improving air movement and increasing lung capacity efficiency. If you haven’t tried one, you are ripping yourself off!



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December 31, 2016

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  • Greg - wow, I am blown away by the videos. I discovered the leadpipe thing and no buzzing but just air in the mouthpiece about a year ago and never looked back. These videos hit the nail right on the head - amazing information!

    Jim Manley

    Professional Trumpeter, USA
  • Hey Greg, it has taken me over 20 years to discover what you have presented here in your book. Congratulations on the layout and approach, I know it will help a lot of people if they take the time to learn it for themselves!

    Sean H.MA

  • Hi Greg, sorry for my terrible english, consider my small donation just as a little symbol cause i really wanted to thank you some how  for what you’re doing. I’m not joking when i say that the knowledge and the information that you’ve decided to…

    Michele B

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