Andante Practice Progress Chart




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Print Your 3 Practice Progress Charts

  To get fast and consistent improvement, use the progress charts when working on harmonic slurs, single and multiple tonguing.  Simply tick a box or 2 every day to improve efficiency dramatically.   Print out many charts and write down the exercise name on the top i.e. E-A Harmonic Slur or Triple Tonguing of first space F.   The results speak for themselves.  

Play Both Notes With Valves 12


Play Both Notes In 4th Position



Interactive Practice Progress Chart

[ppchart level="largo-c"]         QUICK PRINTING TIP:  Print your Progress Chart out in Landscape format to fill a whole page! Progress Chart Instruction:
  1. Fire up your metronome
  2. Fill in as many boxes as possible (may take a while on the first day).
  3. Simply aim to tick one or two boxes per day (one longer duration, one faster tempo)
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