From years of inefficient trumpet playing to “Zen in the Art of Archery” to now fixing my abhorrent golf swing.

I am sharing this with you if you are interested in seeing the WindWorks (or should I say SwingWorks) Secret in action.

I have played golf on and off for 30 years and 4 days ago played my first round in 4 or 5 years. Already many of you can see the parallels :-). Guess what? Same old problems, a MASSIVE slice and all-round terrible technique.

I have NEVER had lessons, I play right handed and I once had a handicap of 21 that I could never play to.

I love watching golf but have had no time to play… until now as it is going to be a personal experiment and a teaching aid for any of you interested; it will play a major role in the WindWorks Ultimate Level.

Just like hearing great trumpet players and knowing I had major technique issues, when watching the greatest golfers in the world it is abundantly clear I am a HACK… but that is all about to change.

I am starting from scratch (in fact I am currently sitting in the Qantas lounge at Sydney Airport watching youtube golf lessons) and this is where the SwingWorks Secret begins. I have no golf club in hand yet I am learning about posture, stance, grip, BackSwing 🙂 and so on.

To take my experiment up a notch, I am learning LEFT HANDED, to embrace the concept of STRANGENESS and boy oh boy it feels strange alright!

My ingrained right handed playing habits could be changed but for the sake of my experimentation, I am building new pathways, a brand new expressway by learning left handed and it will interesting in a year or so to see what impact it has on my right hand playing.

My “Intention” is to get a better handicap than I have ever had and a large majority of the work will be done standing in my film studio and next to my computers whilst building the remainder of the course.

I have a 4 month time frame available to observe my progress and the ups and downs of the learning process. The ultimate goal of a handicap in the teens could take months or years… time is no issue.

Learning is done in the mind! There is no golf club, there is no ball, there is simply an efficient PROCESS and then when it is time to hit the ball, does my sub-conscious programming allow me to surrender to PROCESS or does my ego and conscious mind try to hit the hell out of the ball? Time will tell. There are so many parallels it is simply profound.

Now, back to practising my new stance and getting bemused looks from fellow travellers…

Practise your new skills away from the instrument THEN allow yourself to observe the results when “experimentating” with no emtional attachment to the RESULT.

Go forward 2 years of playing (1 year missed due to knee damage and surgery) to last October and look what happens when you learn constructively. My handicap is now 18 and lower than ever; and being B Grade Club Champion is fun!!! 🙂