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Develop efficient playing habits from DAY ONE


Avoid the many traps and common problems facing most players


Easier playing with a better sound all over your instrument


Easy to understand, Step-By-Step instruction 


Improved confidence thanks to greater range, endurance, flexibility and overall ability 

Want Brass Playing Success?

Join Dancing With The Stars lead trumpeter and internationally renowned brass and wind educator Greg Spence as he exposes brass playing myths.

Did you know you can drastically increase your learning by understanding a few basic concepts and practising some simple MTM exercises?

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Endorsements from Trumpet Masters

The world's best are on the MTM bandwagon. Are you?

  • Wayne Bergeron

    Fantastic Website.  A lot of knowledge based information here.

  • Allen Vizzutti

    “Mystery to Mastery’s ‘The No Mystery Guide to Trumpet Mastery’, by Greg Spence, is a wonderful addition to the trumpet player and trumpet teacher’s literature. It is concise and logical. All teachers’ will welcome such an organized and functional text. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!”

  • James Morrison

    “With the release of Mystery to Mastery’s ‘The No Mystery Guide to Trumpet Mastery’, Trumpeters finally have a guide that makes sense. Greg Spence has managed to take what can sometimes be a complicated process (playing the trumpet) and explain how it’s done in a way that will definitely get results. Anyone at any level will benefit from this no-nonsense approach that really does go Step-by-Step all the way to MASTERY!”


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Use the amazing Progress Chart – The best way to monitor and develop your skills

The WindTarget – Align your setup and find your optimum air direction

Use the Breathing Exercises and WindProducts to be sure your sound machine is finely tuned 

The definition of insanity is attempting the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome.

“Hi Greg, Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying MTM. I purchased it approx. 2 weeks ago and started digging in. I was a little nervous because yesterday was my first jazz gig after practicing from MTM. I’m a 54 year old player and I’ve been pushing air into the trumpet for a long time. But in a 3 set jazz gig, I’m normally fighting tired chops by the 3rd set. But not last night. I was amazed how much stamina I had all the way to end. Thank you, thank you!! I guess older dogs can learn new tricks! Jeff”


Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, you’re going to love these tips, tricks and exercises for easier trumpet playing.

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When we begin playing trumpet, we get a book of exercises or tunes, learn the notes then hope to play the music we love. We figure this is how simple learning the trumpet is...

"Greg, when I came back from Vietnam in 1972 I tried playing the trumpet again after 4 years of military service. I practised 3 times a day and got to a point where I couldn’t even produce a sound .My trumpet teacher couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I gave up the trumpet for the next 40 years thinking, I blew my lip out and did permanent damage, and couldn’t ever play the trumpet again. Thanks to your videos and lesson books I’m once again just starting to play and couldn’t be happier. I’m still in your first lesson book working in gold metal stage. I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge you’ve passed along . I'm 67 years old and looking forward to getting better each day on the trumpet. Thanks so much for the work you do."
Peter Z Santa Rosa California

We soon learn that improving is difficult.
Surprisingly, most brass players don’t even consider what is really important. The best example of this is the amount of unhappy and frustrated trumpet players we meet… or the number of wasted hours practising without considering how the trumpet works, only to fail miserably when trying to improve.
Focus on learning HOW you work
So when Mystery to Mastery developed a method that teaches you to focus on learning how your mind, body and the instrument work, making every minute of your practise routine productive, our approach spread FAST.
STOP blowing your brains out!



Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Resources
Range Expansion
Endurance/Efficiency Development
Sound Enhancement
Logical and Achievable Exercises

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A helpful checklist and great place to start your journey to Trumpet Mastery!

"Hi Greg, the leadpipe came. As I said before, the problem with my throat was between the mouthpiece and the trumpet. So, I figured the leadpipe was the answer I have been looking for. After using the leadpipe for a few minutes, I was able to play a few notes on my trumpet without any throat problems. God bless you! Because of something that costs $49.95, I am now able to play my horns (that were quite expensive), that have been sitting idle for quite some time. I know I am not out of the woods yet, but it is such a relief to know I am on the right track. I can't thank you enough. And I will be ordering your courses in the near future.You are the man!"
Sincerely, Carlo Berto

“What you’ve described in a matter of a few eloquently simple videos explains to a tee what I’ve been struggling with for 35+ years. Tension in the throat, face, neck, back and more. Amazing way that you’ve put so many great teacher’s key elements together combined with all your analysis and experiences into a message that resonates so strongly.”

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  • Read some amazing endorsements from some modern legends of trumpet.
  • Learn how Greg’s powerful and proven approach creates a deep understanding about brass playing that offers astounding results.

    To improve your trumpet playing, CORRECT thought processes must be sent from your subconscious mind. The Mystery to Mastery method includes the use of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic training to SIMPLY and EASILY explain how 99% of players approach brass playing the wrong way.

  • Train your brain and body what to do using the WINDPRODUCTS. Using the instrument stimulates old, futile habits. Overcome bad, instinctive behaviour by experiencing powerful sensations away from the instrument. Learn how to move air efficiently and how to eliminate the destructive habits of clamping the lips and forcing the air. 

  • Pro tip: Watch the adjacent video for information about the Leadpipe and how it alone can drastically improve your playing.

Don't Let Your Instincts Slow You Down

What you actually need to do and what you THINK you need to do are often the complete opposite

When we begin, we have an instinctive desire to force the sound.  

Something tells us that playing the trumpet is hard to do, so we go about making it as difficult as humanly possible.

We are all aware of the horrible choking sensations that can accompany playing.  Believe it not, you can play with freedom, without fighting the instrument.

There are several, easy to solve, issues that generally go undetected.  These issues have ended many potential careers.

 Everyone, INCLUDING YOU, can play like the pro’s!

“The pin has finally dropped Greg, you legend!!! playing professionally for 13 years and have all the tutor books. Maggio, schlossberg, stamp etc!!! As you demonstrated in your vids; relaxed, supple and puckered chops coincided with aperture control is working wonders. A tight and sometimes impossible extreme register is now secure and growing by the day! Spreading the word!!! Cheers”

Now You Know We're Serious and This Works

Get the Hardcopy of The Only No Mystery Guide to Trumpet Mastery. You also get FREE INSTANT ACCESS to the eBook which includes:

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  • Free WindSticks
  • Further video demonstrations and explanations
  • MP3 sound examples of EVERY exercise
  • A digital practise diary
  • A progress report when you login
  • A built in metronome
  • Practise drones
  • A Step by Step exercise guide that highlights your problem areas and provides solutions
  • A 30 Day Trial Period Money Back Guarantee

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"I could never dream of improving like I did with your book/videos, after two teachers and lots of wasted time. I never wanted to be a pro, my goal is just playing with the sound I love. A big grazie Greg!"
Stefano - ITALY

For Those Who Are REALLY Serious!

M2MII (online eBook only) takes it ALL the way

On completion of book 1, take the next step with the most complete, innovative and interactive trumpet system available. M2MII (online eBook only) for players who means business.

M2MII (online eBook only) takes all of the wonderful concepts and exercises developed in Book 1 to the extreme.

Have a quick look at how the MTM ONLINE eBooks work

The extent of your development depends entirely on you.  You will know how to troubleshoot any issues that arise thanks to the informative explanations and demonstrations provided.

Efficiency is the key and you will be blown away by how easy it is to develop your playing when you recognise and eliminate common mistakes.

Why wait?

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We accept all major credit cards.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Clicking the buy button will take you to a secure checkout page.


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