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If you haven’t experienced WindWorks yet, you’re likely to be wasting precious practice time.  Fast forwarding your skills requires more than simply repeating endless exercises; that’s what sets WindWorks apart from the rest!



A wonderful, honest and professional review of the WindWorks course. #justtryit

Endorsements from Trumpet Masters

The world's best are on the WindWorks bandwagon.

  • Eric Miyashiro

    “Hi Greg, I am really enjoying watching your videos, they are very informative, inspiring and fun to watch.  Great video lessons Greg, keep them coming!”  Trumpet mega-star Eric Miyashiro

  • Rex Richardson

    “The physiology of brass playing has been shrouded in myth and misconception for decades, leading to pedagogical practices that are at best useless, and at worst quite damaging. Trumpet virtuoso and myth-buster Greg Spence has sorted us out, setting forth a method that defuses the madness. At once brilliant and stunningly simple, Mystery to Mastery is essential material for the global community of brass players.” – Rex Richardson, International Trumpet Soloist

  • Wayne Bergeron

    Renowned as L.A’s top commercial studio/session trumpeter and one of the world’s best lead trumpeters, Wayne Bergeron says – “Fantastic Website.  A lot of knowledge based information here.”

  • Allen Vizzutti

    Simply one of the world’s most loved virtuoso trumpeters, Allen Vizzutti says – “Mystery to Mastery’s ‘The No Mystery Guide to Trumpet Mastery’, by Greg Spence, is a wonderful addition to the trumpet player and trumpet teacher’s literature. It is concise and logical. All teachers’ will welcome such an organized and functional text. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!”

  • James Morrison

    Possibly the best multi-instrumentalist to ever walk the earth.  Jazz superstar James Morrison says – “With the release of Mystery to Mastery’s ‘The No Mystery Guide to Trumpet Mastery’, Trumpeters finally have a guide that makes sense. Greg Spence has managed to take what can sometimes be a complicated process (playing the trumpet) and explain how it’s done in a way that will definitely get results. Anyone at any level will benefit from this no-nonsense approach that really does go Step-by-Step all the way to MASTERY!”

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Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, you’re going to love these tips, tricks and exercises for easier trumpet playing.

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Join "Dancing With The Stars" lead trumpeter and internationally renowned brass and wind educator Greg Spence as he exposes brass playing myths.


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When we begin playing trumpet, we get a book of exercises or tunes, learn the notes then hope to play the music we love. We figure this is how simple learning the trumpet is...

"Greg, when I came back from Vietnam in 1972, I tried playing the trumpet again after 4 years of military service. I practiced 3 times a day and got to a point where I couldn't even produce a sound. My trumpet teacher couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I gave up the trumpet for the next 40 years thinking, "I blew my lip out and did permanent damage. I can't ever play the trumpet again." Thanks to your videos and lesson books, I'm starting to play again and couldn't be happier! I'm still in your first lesson book working in the Gold Medal stage. I can't thank you enough for all of the knowledge you've passed along. I'm 67 years old and looking forward to getting better each day on the trumpet. Thanks so much for the work you do."
Peter Z Santa Rosa California

We soon learn that improving is difficult.
Surprisingly, most brass players don’t even consider what is really important. The best example of this is the amount of unhappy and frustrated trumpet players we meet… or the number of wasted hours practising without considering how the trumpet works, only to fail miserably when trying to improve.

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In just a few easy steps, WindWorks unlocks the secrets of efficient playing that allow you, no matter what standard of player you are, to reach your goals.  It is different!  It works!

Years of researching multitudes of methods and scientific, anatomical and acoustics studies has allowed Yamaha Artist and internationally renowned performer and educator Greg Spence to eliminate the frustrations of playing by simplifying the fundamental process of sound creation.