TRADITIONAL APPROACHES create confusion for the dedicated, modern trumpet player.


LEARN FROM THE BEST! Internationally acclaimed trumpet performer, brass playing educator, and pioneer of online teaching, Greg Spence, provides a Step-By-Step experience that dispels the myriad of myths surrounding brass playing. Your progress and satisfaction are his priority.



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The Cycle Of T.E.E’s! Learn Greg’s essential “Technical Everyday Elements” approach to technical development.

Stop Wasting Time: Learn Greg’s revolutionary efficiency  strategy – The Singing C Series

FACT: WindWorks will improve your Psychology, Practice Routines, Sound, Range, Articulation, Flexibility, and Endurance

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Testimonials From Subscribers

The proof is in the pudding.
See what these satisfied WindWorks subscribers say about the course.

  • Hi Greg,learning from you and exploring your revolutionary playing concepts in depth are the greatest gifts I’ve received as I journey through musician’s focal dystonia. Your techniques and brilliant psychology are helping me significantly reduce and eliminate symptoms, and are leading me to a much healthier playing headspace. I’m rebuilding my playing machine from the ground up using your approach and am on my way to becoming a much more relaxed, efficient player. I couldn’t be more grateful for my recovery progress and the effectiveness of your teaching!

  • Pat Jarve

    Hello Greg, wanted to thank you for the wonderful things you are doing with WindWorks. I have been struggling with bad playing habits the past 30+ years since studying with Chicowicz at Northwestern while still playing gigs and killing myself in the process. I am one of those students who struggled in college with some bad undergrad teaching methods. I have tried everything under the sun to make my playing more efficient but to no avail. Your ideas have saved my playing life and made playing the trumpet so much easier and fun again. As a public music educator K-12 the past 30 years, I highly endorse your teaching methods and approach to playing wind instruments. Best wishes to you and your family and continued success.

  • Fernando Dissenha

    Hi Greg, my name is Fernando Dissenha, I am principal trumpet with Osesp, here in Brazil. Your pedagogy is second to none. I am doing your course and spreading the news with my students with absolutely great results. I hope to meet you some day! Thank you for bringing such a fresh air of knowledge to all of us trumpet players!

  • Phil Savard

    “Greg, Bravo on your new WindWorks program, I am really enjoying it. It is bringing me back to my days studying with Arnold Jacobs and Vince Cichowicz. Your insights have definitely brought even more clarity to brass playing and the psychology of results! I studied with ‘Jake’ in college and he would be proud of you spreading the news and even improving on his groundwork!” Phil Savard, USA

  • Jim Manley

    Greg – great to meet you here – checking out your website – amazing stuff on there to help us fellow trumpet players – a ton of great information on there and I am going to check out all the videos!

  • Jim Manley

    Greg – wow, I am blown away by the videos. I discovered the leadpipe thing and no buzzing but just air in the mouthpiece about a year ago and never looked back. These videos hit the nail right on the head – amazing information!

  • Sean H.MA

    Hey Greg, it has taken me over 20 years to discover what you have presented here in your book. Congratulations on the layout and approach, I know it will help a lot of people if they take the time to learn it for themselves!

  • Michele B

    Hi Greg, sorry for my terrible english, consider my small donation just as a little symbol cause i really wanted to thank you some how  for what you’re doing. I’m not joking when i say that the knowledge and the information that you’ve decided to  share in such as generous way really changed my life not only as a player but also as a person… Please continue in doing what you’re doing: maybe you don’t even imagine the incredible importance of your job but i’m sure in the future you’ll be considered one of the great innovators of the brass playing like Arnold Jacobs. thanks a lot again!  Michele Bernabei ITALY


Don't despair, the solutions to your playing problems are here and waiting for you

A quick look at how to use the WindWorks platform.

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1. Madness – The Fears of Change (How To Learn Quickly)

2. How To Avoid Common Mistakes (Correct, Efficient Processes)

3. A Speechless Lesson – Watch and Learn (MUST SEE!)

4. Goodbye YOU 1.0 – Meet YOU 2.0, The Player You Want To Be

Making Changes Alone Can Be Scary - WE ARE HERE TO HELP

Conquer your FEARS and blitz your Flexibility, Endurance, Articulation, Range, Sound

You must do these 6 things right now!


  1. How the instrument really works: not generally known
  2. What you are doing incorrectly: easy to learn
  3. How the brain learns and changes your body’s habits: amazing
  4. How to practice effectively: this will blow your mind, not your chops
  5. What to do the minute you grab your instrument: no one does this
  6. How to become the player you want to be: change your mindset

How To Improve Your Trumpet Playing


How to STOP making the same mistakes everyone is making.


  • challenging process of changing habits which means
  • changing your understanding which then 
  • changes your belief system which allows 
  • changes to the messages sent from the brain to the muscles which  
  • quickly improves your playing ability.


Simply playing exercises from exercise books without knowing exactly what you are doing is a huge mistake and also the slowest and most ineffective way to learn!


We don't just care about trumpet, we care about you.

How do you change pitch on a guitar? By strumming harder?

NO, of course not!  Stop listening to the “Blow harder to play higher” crowd and learn how to effectively and efficiently play your instrument.

Equip yourself with the right tools to learn quickly.  Read this quote from Rex Richardson, trumpet virtuoso – “At once brilliant and stunningly simple, Mystery to Mastery is essential material for the global community of brass players.” 


Endorsements from Trumpet Masters

Not convinced yet?
Read some reviews from the world's best players.

  • Eric Miyashiro

    “Hi Greg, I am really enjoying watching your videos, they are very informative, inspiring and fun to watch.  Great video lessons Greg, keep them coming!”  Trumpet mega-star Eric Miyashiro

  • Rex Richardson

    “The physiology of brass playing has been shrouded in myth and misconception for decades, leading to pedagogical practices that are at best useless, and at worst quite damaging. Trumpet virtuoso and myth-buster Greg Spence has sorted us out, setting forth a method that defuses the madness. At once brilliant and stunningly simple, Mystery to Mastery is essential material for the global community of brass players.” – Rex Richardson, International Trumpet Soloist

  • Wayne Bergeron

    Renowned as L.A’s top commercial studio/session trumpeter and one of the world’s best lead trumpeters, Wayne Bergeron says – “Fantastic Website.  A lot of knowledge based information here.”

  • Allen Vizzutti

    Simply one of the world’s most loved virtuoso trumpeters, Allen Vizzutti says – “Mystery to Mastery” by Greg Spence, is a wonderful addition to the trumpet player and trumpet teacher’s literature. It is concise and logical. All teachers’ will welcome such an organized and functional program. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!”

  • James Morrison

    Possibly the best multi-instrumentalist to ever walk the earth.  Jazz superstar James Morrison says -“Trumpeters finally have a guide that makes sense. Greg Spence has managed to take what can sometimes be a complicated process (playing the trumpet) and explain how it’s done in a way that will definitely get results. Anyone at any level will benefit from this no-nonsense approach that really does go Step-by-Step all the way to MASTERY!”

Stop Wasting Time Practising Ineffective Techniques!

Learning how to learn is YOUR biggest challenge

When you begin playing trumpet, you get a book of exercises or tunes, learn the notes then hope to play the music you love. You figure this is how simple learning the trumpet is…
You soon learn that improving is far more difficult than anticipated.
Surprisingly, most brass players don’t even consider what is really important. The best example of this is the amount of unhappy and frustrated trumpet players we meet… or the number of wasted hours practising without considering how the trumpet works, only to fail miserably when trying to improve.

Learn how to LEARN!


Greg Spence

Your 24/7 Brass Playing Mentor

WindWorks is taught by Greg Spence, creator of Mystery to Mastery.  He is a Yamaha Artist and acclaimed international trumpet performer and educator.

Combined, Greg’s two books and now the WindWorks course have reached more than 20,000 brass players worldwide and his youtube channel has had over 1,000,000 views.

Greg has performed with the world’s most elite performers and highlights include playing at Carnegie Hall in NYC. 

He has taught and presented at many Australian universities and has spoken at colleges and universities across the USA and Europe.  He has conducted presentations and masterclasses for music conferences across the globe including the MidWest Clinic and The International Trumpet Guild Conference.


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