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The most comprehensive online program for Brass (and Wind) players available online.


The WindWorks Learning Platform is a fully interactive course with automated Practise Progress Charts, informative quizzes, built in metronome, digital Practice Diary and so much more…

In the Foundation Level alone, there are over 90 lessons, 50+ brand new videos (not available to the public), logical, Step-By-Step exercises, 40+ quizzes, amazing interactive Practice Progress Charts plus you are granted access to the WindWorks Forum, the Mystery to Mastery online community.  This course will not only keep you busy and entertained for hours (weeks, months, years!!!) if you worked through it from start to finish, but it’s evergreen in that you’ll find yourself coming back to different lessons time and time again. It’s the one system that will help take you from a beginner to a master. Your playing will be easier than ever and importantly, more fun.

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FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP: The Foundation Membership Level – Largo, Adagio, Andante and Moderato Status Stages no matter if you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, you will be guided through the fundamentals of Sound, Valves, Tongue and Harmonic Slurs to the extreme.  Although the range is not particularly high at first the processes, concepts and exercises are for all levels and must be explored patiently with the utmost care, precision and understanding.  Regular practise with the Practice Progress Charts combined with support from the WindWorks Forum community will ensure an enjoyable and productive experience.  Have a go, you’ll be hooked!


PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: The Premium Membership Level – Allegro and Presto Status Stages is designed, now that you are hooked, to allow you to smash your flaws and inefficiencies.  Simply put, your shortcomings will be handed to you on a platter and you will know exactly what to work on, how and why.  WindWorks is the most comprehensive and interactive education platform available online.  Including a printable download of Book 1 and lifetime access to the existing MTM Book 1 eBook, the Premium Membership Level offers incredible value.   


ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP: So you really mean business?!  The Ultimate Membership Level – Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Status Stages is simply everything you need. Complete the Ultimate Level exercises and you will be a happier, more efficient and probably much busier musician.  Simply remember one thing… WindWorks!


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Course Learning Modules
Largo Module
Adagio Module
Andante Module
Moderato Module
Allegro Module
Presto Module
Ruby Module
Emerald Module
Diamond Module
Other features
Forum access
A private and safe place to ask questions and enhance your learning.
Lifetime access to Mystery to Mastery Book 1 eBook (printable)
$39 if purchased separately 
Lifetime access to Mystery to Mastery Book 2 eBook (printable)
$49 if purchased separately (not printable)
Move between membership plans
Definitely, you can move up and down between membership plans at any time.
Cancel anytime
That’s right, you can cancel your membership at any time, right from the dashboard.
Monthly price
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