Advanced Trumpet Video Series

Dynamics and Range

Advanced Trumpet Lesson No.1

Once your system is efficient and resonant, it is time to expand the dynamic range.  Trouble is not far away if you approach softer playing in the wrong way!

Greg playing a solo on Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps!

Circle, Square, Reptile

Advanced Trumpet Lesson No.2

To change habits, different experiments are required.  This process can create anxiety.  To calm the reptile, be sure you know what, why and how to develop new, more efficient habits.

Oral Cavity Resonance

Advanced Trumpet Lesson No.3

Purity of tone is created when the body and the instrument resonate as one.  When the body and the instrument oscillate at the same frequency, playing is easier and sound better!

The Sound Column

Advanced Trumpet Lesson No.4

Further discussion about the body/instrument relationship.  Enjoy!

Focal Dystonia

Advanced Trumpet Lesson No.5

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE In 2014, Greg was told that Focal Dystonia was caused by inefficiency. His extensive research since has discovered a far more disturbing truth. YOU MUST LEARN THIS!!!

HERE'S ANOTHER CRAZY FACT - There is no such thing as Muscle Memory! We NEVER stop learning. Join WindWorks To Learn More.

2022: Here's the disturbing truth!


This information is SO important for everyone to know but most people have NO idea of its existence! LET'S FIX THAT!  

An Exciting Result

Musicians Focal Dystonia is horrendous but CAN be healed...


Are You Ready To Help Yourself?



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