Advanced Video Series

Advanced No.1 - Dynamics and Range

Once your system is efficient and resonant, it is time to expand the dynamic range.  Trouble is not far away if you approach softer playing in the wrong way!

Greg playing a solo on Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps!

Advanced No.2 - Circle, Square, Reptile

To change habits, different experiments are required.  This process can create anxiety.  To calm the reptile, be sure you know what, why and how to develop new, more efficient habits.

Advanced No.3 - Oral Cavity Resonance

Purity of tone is created when the body and the instrument resonate as one.  When the body and the instrument oscillate at the same frequency, playing is easier and sound better!

Advanced No.4 - The Sound Column

Further discussion about the body/instrument relationship.  Enjoy!

Advanced No.5 - Focal Dystonia

Finally, after 2 years of globetrotting and spreading the MTM word, Greg finally had the opportunity to film advanced video 5.  He considers this to be one of the most important videos he has released.  

Greg Spence – “Many years ago I was asked about Focal Dystonia and having never heard of it, quickly dismissed it and moved on with life.  Incredibly in my travels across Europe and the USA in 2015, I was confronted with this horrible condition everywhere I stopped.  I am still studying this condition and it ties in to everything I am trying to achieve with the MTM website.  

When the principle trumpet player of 36 years from the NY Philharmonic gets up at North Texas State University and tells the students about his horrid FD experiences, and then says, “have you heard of Greg Spence and the Mystery to Mastery website?  You must do the Backswing, Slingshot, Mouthpiece, Leadpipe and learn about the concept of SHAPE”, I know that what I am doing is of serious value.  “

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