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Don't Trust Your Instincts! Learn how your body/trumpet machine really works. The inexpensive Mystery to Mastery WindProducts maximise improvement when used with "The Only No Mystery Guide To Trumpet Mastery".

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The WindPack

Skill development by feel, the kinesthetic approach away from the instrument, delivers the most rapid and remarkable results. Learn to feel what the body needs to do then slowly incorporate the instrument step-by-step. This is the most powerful way to eliminate instinctive, crippling habits



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The Visualiser and WindTunnel Breathing Tube

Learn about the WindTunnel and the Windspeed Visualiser.

The WindSpeed Visualiser is must when developing new habits on the trumpet. The instrument stimulates old/bad habits that you need to eliminate

Release air through the Windspeed Visualiser at the WINDTARGET to find where airflow is at it's thickest and most natural, then place the mouthpiece on exactly the same spot. DO NOT try to buzz the visualiser. The lips vibrate when the instrument is placed on the lips, due to the feedback of the air pressure pulses from the bell. An Absolute MUST!

The sound we perceive as a trumpet sound is the oscillation of the air column in the body and the instrument.

The WindTunnel is a simple yet highly effective tool for increasing body resonance.

When placed between the teeth, the WindTunnel allows you to experience a full breath. The WindTunnel lowers the tongue and opens the throat which opens up the air column in the body.

Use the WindTunnel when practising to maintain relaxation and when doing the NATURAL AIRFLOW exercises. The WindTunnel comes with an adjustable fluro neckstrap.

The WindBag

Download the FREE breathing exercises PDF

The WindBag re-breathing bag, is a brilliant tool and a must for all wind players. Silent, effortless movement of air or NATURAL AIRFLOW is essential when playing wind instruments. The WindBag allows you to visualise air-volume movement in and out of the lungs, without hyper-ventilating. Hyper-ventilation is a lowering of the carbon dioxide levels in the brain.

Re-breathing the same air for a short time is very safe and keeps the carbon dioxide levels steady while working on improving air movement and increasing lung capacity efficiency. If you haven't tried one, you are ripping yourself off!

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Triflow Windgauge Spirometer

Improve your air efficiency using the WindGauge Breathing Trainer. The WindGauge improves the efficiency and volume of air movement during inhalation and exhalation by offering three different levels of resistance. Learning to increase and control airflow is beneficial for many reasons. The WindGauge measures your inhalation at different pressure points using the three different balls as guides of air pressure and airflow.

You will feel the difference in your breathing immediately and your sound and playing efficiency will improve.

Performance anxiety or nervousness is a common problem not only due to lack of preparation but a change in breathing patterns. Awareness of your breathing function will allow you to notice when your mental tension increases, increasing your heart rate and restricting your breathing. Confidence comes from great preparation and the ability to calm the body by breathing fully in a relaxed manner.

The Simply Amazing WindStick

The WindStick is simply the cheapest and easiest, yet most dramatically effective tool you can use to fully understand and experience the body's response to airflow and air pressure.

Firstly, after a full, silent and relaxed breath, place the hollow WindStick between the lips and feel how air flows unforced and naturally from the lungs. This is no GIMMICK. The WindStick is a tool that will rid you of the tendency to force air through a tight aperture. Learning how the body responds to air pressure away from the instrument allows you to develop great new playing habits on the trumpet.

When you take this relaxed sensation of freedom to the instrument and combine the feeling of NATURAL AIRFLOW with the correct SHAPE, allowing relaxed lips to respond to the airflow, you will have an ease of playing that you would have never imagined possible. Harmonic slurs become free allowing you to easily glide between registers.

Blow fast then slow through the WindStick and you will soon notice how easily tension creeps into what should be an unforced exhalation.

Controversial? Maybe!

Useful? Absolutely!


The WindPack

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The WindSpeed Visualiser
The WindTunnel Breathing Tube
The WindStick Air Pressure Trainer
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