Warm Up vs Practice

Hi guys! Where does a warm-up end and a practice session start?  I’ve had a few requests to explain how to warm up properly; the process might surprise you! If you’re yet to attend a Sunday Sessions LIVE, why wait? It’s great fun and you just might learn something that will help improve your playing. […]

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YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR PRIORITY  SPEECHLESS LESSON  IMPORTANT LESSONS RATE YOUR PLAYING The best way to smash your stubborn ceilings and become a killer trumpet player is to discover where you are going wrong.  RATE YOUR PLAYING on a scale from 1-5 to find what techniques you need to improve.

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Section Lesson Introduction FREE TRIAL ACCESS  FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP Stop The Madness! Practise Process Practice The T.E.E’s Party The Point of Difference… Your Daily Checklist… The Foundation Level… Largo Fundamentals FREE TRIAL ACCESS  FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP Practice Drones… The Sound Equation… The 1% Rule… Fundamental Frustration… The BackSwing Revisited… […]

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Greg Spence plays with Wayne Bergeron?  Listen to the B# Big Band playing Maynard and Waynard featuring Greg and Wayne at the Melbourne International Brass Festival.  Watch this video to get a taste of what you will do in the Foundation Level.  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE WINDWORKS TRIAL For 35 years, Yamaha Artist and professional trumpeter […]


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