How To Improve Your Trumpet Playing

“What you’ve described in a matter of a few eloquently simple videos explains to a tee what I’ve been struggling with for 35+ years. Tension in the throat, face, neck, back and more. Amazing way that you’ve put so many great teacher’s key elements together combined with all your analysis and experiences into a message that resonates so strongly.”


Greg Spence was the Dancing with the Stars (Australia) lead trumpeter for more than 10 years and has performed and presented masterclasses all around the world.


Greg is a Yamaha Artist and lifelong student of all things brass, wind, psychology and neurology. #focaldystonia #performanceanxiety

“I’ve made it my mission to expose and explode the brass-playing myths that are holding you back—even the ones you didn’t even realise have a strangle-hold on you.”

Making serious changes to your playing
means doing things differently.


Players of all brass instruments at all standards are members at Mystery to Mastery’s Online WindWorks Platform, and the principles are also being adopted by professional woodwind players and singers.


No More Wasted Trumpet Practice Time!


Is WindWorks the right approach for you?

We do not want to waste your time and money or our time if you are not the correct fit for our course.

Our subscribers understand that leaving your preconceived ideas at the door is the only way to make PERMANENT IMPROVEMENTS to your playing.

This was summed up beautifully by a subscriber recommending WindWorks to a frustrated player looking for answers on the Trumpet Herald forum:


How To Improve Your Trumpet Playing


If you get past this next sentence, you might be the right fit for WindWorks:  To improve your playing, you must update your thinking!



Almost everyone believes that they are struggling with the instrument because they don’t have enough strength.  GUESS WHAT? Trying to use more power and strength is NOT the answer.


MUSCLES HAVE NO MEMORY! – In WindWorks you will learn that:

  • muscles are dumb,
  • there is no such thing as muscle memory,
  • muscles are activated by signals from the brain,
  • the signals sent from the brain are based on your beliefs and understanding of how the body/instrument system works.


How will you fix your playing issues?   To improve your playing, you need to change the signals sent from the brain and that is done by changing your understanding and your beliefs.


WindWorks harnesses the power of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (or practical) means to SIMPLY and EASILY demonstrate how 99% of players approach their playing the wrong way.


Repeating and Repeating  and REPEATING and REPEATING countless exercises, over and over, from countless method books, is practically pointless unless you are prepared to update or change your understanding and beliefs.

“Hi Greg, the leadpipe came. As I said before, the problem with my throat was between the mouthpiece and the trumpet. So, I figured the leadpipe was the answer I have been looking for. After using the leadpipe for a few minutes, I was able to play a few notes on my trumpet without any throat problems. God bless you! Because of something that costs $39.95, I am now able to play my horns (that were quite expensive), that have been sitting idle for quite some time. I know I am not out of the woods yet, but it is such a relief to know I am on the right track. I can’t thank you enough. You are the man!”
Sincerely, Carlo Berto

Do yourself a very big favor and read
Zen in the Art of Archery 


Everyone, INCLUDING YOU, can do this!

“The pin has finally dropped Greg, you legend!!! I’ve been playing professionally for 13 years and have all the tutor books. Maggio, Schlossberg, Stamp etc!!! As you demonstrated in your vids; relaxed, supple and puckered chops coincided with aperture control is working wonders. A tight and sometimes impossible extreme register is now secure and growing by the day! Spreading the word!!! Cheers”.  Steven K. Massachusetts


With these simple, effective and proven techniques you’ll:

Break through your learning plateau. And you’ll improve fast!

Join thousands of WindWorks members from all over the world (100+ countries)

Develop efficient playing habits from DAY ONE

Practise specially designed exercises including the powerful SINGING C SERIES

Avoid the many traps and common problems facing most players

 Play more easily and have a better sound all over your instrument

Follow Easy-to-Understand, Step-by-Step instruction

Be a much more confident player with greater range, endurance, flexibility and overall ability


Have you ever been told…?

  • To hold your belly like you are about to be punched?
  • To blow harder to play higher?
  • That you have to have big lungs to play the trumpet?
  • That mouthpiece buzzing is important for practice and it’s an indispensable skill?

If you’re like 99.9% of students who force their breath to make their instrument make a sound (brass, woodwind or even voice), then:

Let WindWorks show you how to… blowing your brains out!


“Greg, when I came back from Vietnam in 1972 I tried playing the trumpet again after 4 years of military service. I practised 3 times a day and got to a point where I couldn’t even produce a sound. My teacher couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought I had done permanent damage. I thought I would never be able to play the trumpet again. Thanks to your teaching, I’m once again just starting to play and couldn’t be happier.  I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge you’ve passed along. I’m 67 years old and looking forward to getting better each day on the trumpet. Thanks so much for the work you do.” Peter Z Santa Rosa California

Guess what happens to beginners and advanced players
who have discovered WindWorks?

Improvement, thanks to Self Awareness and Logical Guidance!

“Hello Greg, I’ve been a struggling trumpet player ever since I hit college and tried to figure out HOW to get better.  The myriad of explanations for the same processes abound as I’m sure you are aware.  I’m 44 years old, play professionally, and am STILL trying to fit pieces together in my mind and body to be virtually “free” from the trumpet to make the music I hear and feel in my mind. Your explanations seem to be making this happen in just the three days I have been applying your approach.  I’ve been focused on my embouchure for so long that I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t (high school I’m sure).
David R. Warrensburg, MO.  USA.


         “Surely it would be EASIER to learn like this, FROM THE START”?!




You become your own teacher, because you can easily pinpoint your strengths, and recognise weaknesses that must be cured if you wish to succeed on the highest level.  The information for creating new habits, to override old habits should be part of all methods available today.

If you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player looking to improve your performance, you will immediately feel confident that this new knowledge and approach will offer endless benefits in your playing life.



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    Please, do yourself a favour
    and take the advice of the likes of
    James Morrison and Allen Vizzutti,
    by not passing up this opportunity.

    If you leave it until later, “yeah, I will come back later!” you are losing precious, constructive practice time and the “later” might be years away.



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