BIG changes are coming to Sundays @ WindWorks! See below for your zoom link.
Greg will be conducting the first of his new weekly WindWorks Forum Live workshops.
Please come along ready to play, ask questions or simply watch and enjoy!
We are creating a more inclusive WindWorks platform to get you on your way to your goals faster.
Go to the WindWorks forum at any time and post questions to be addressed every Sunday!
Today’s link is:



FEB 24th 2021: THIS VIDEO IS A MUST FOR ALL SUBSCRIBERS~~~ Click here to go to the Important Updates Page


HI FOLKS, the drones page has been FIXED and you can now download the practice drones.  Cheers, Greg


Hi valued WindWorks subscriber.  The world has changed this year and we have all been affected in different ways.

For me it has been a time of reflection and further development of my approach to teaching the process of learning.  In order to expand my appreciation of what you may be going through as a student, I decided to put myself in your shoes and become the student again bying teach myself to learn to play golf with my non dominant left hand; trust me, THIS FELT INSANE!  I just won the first day of a Golf Tournament… more to come on that…

Please watch this video:




I have also set up a link so you can download the Practice Drones, see below.


Best Wishes,


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