This is the response to the Advanced eBook 2 M2MII.

WE RECOMMEND: M2MII is a very advanced method that is not recommended for beginners.  We advise all players to complete The Only NoMystery Guide To Trumpet Mastery before beginning this eBook.

This just in from Les K in the USA: congratulations on producing the very best information on the web regarding correct and effective practice, learning techniques, and playing concepts. Being one who has been obsessed with trumpet pedagogy for almost my entire life I recognized immediately when I first saw your videos that you have done an enormous amount of research as well, and you have a gifted ability in conveying that knowledge in a very clear and logical manner. Bravo!!  Best, Les K.  T

This just in from Frank D in the Netherlands:  Hey Greg again what wonderful exercises!  I’ve been through so many books.  This is very intelligent the concepts work great this is the way to play the instrument, an opportunity to grow as a performer it gives so much confidence i will endorse it as much as i can!

Then 3 days later…Greg, again the results after even a couple of days are ridiculous.  I can play really difficult stuff with ease, it’s simple and that’s the best part.  You are not distracted when doing these exercises.  This method is undeniably good and you are a real wizard, making something basically simple as playing the trumpet but yet difficult to perform because of faulty instincts.  I now understand! Thanks, Frank.

This just in from Tony F in the USA:  Thanks loads for putting all this together, it’s been a great help for me (and others). After many a frustrated year of reading, practicing, playing and not really seeing the full picture your insights have given me a new belief that one day I’ll be able to play with easy like so many of the greats that we listen to. The donation is not a problem, your sight needs to stay out there as its a trumpet players Gold mine. Thanks again. Tony.

This just in from Jeff G in the USA: WOW !!! I really, really like how its laid out ! Very user friendly. I also like the explanations and how you take sound production from a logical beginning to end.  I’m only up to page 40, and that’s because I’m using the book !!! That’s how much I like it!  If I were to describe “how” I play, I would have to say I use a blend of Claude Gordon, Maggio and Farkas… Strange combination, I think… I also spend 99% of my time playing a “G” Soprano Bugle, outside, Loud and high !!! There is a great deal in this book that applies to that style of playing also.

My personal opinion is that Music Teachers (like in the public schools) should focus more on individual sound production. Since our sound is the first thing an intended audience hears, it is the most important factor in our playing. A new student would more than likely receive a greater benefit/satisfaction if the “sound good” ! (my opinion) I do believe your book follows this theory, AND I LIKE IT !!!

Well done Sir !!! This should be a very successful book !  Jeff G

This just in from Cees H in The Netherlands:  Hi Greg, your books are one of the best investments for trumpet players, a must have!  It goes back to basics and gives you so much more fun and satisfaction in playing the trumpet.  I didn’t play trumpet for 27 years and followed your lessons in combination with private lessons from a professional player (which is also a fan of yours)  It took me in 8 months time so much further where I stopped 27 years ago.  Many thanks!  Cees

and more…

Greg, I first found your website maybe just over a year ago and I’ve been applying the first 5 lessons concept ever since. I recently overdosed on all of the videos on your website and then decided to buy the ebook. After changing the way I breathe, the results were instant. I was actually practising some slurs and was able to play at such a fast speed I started laughing while I was playing! I just couldn’t believe the feeling of ease I experienced while playing. It’s astonishing! I’m probably one of the biggest trumpet geeks you’d ever know. I’ve researched Clarke, carmine, stamp, timofei, the balanced embouchure, maggio, pops mclaughlin, super chops etc. all of them! I’ve never felt so confident about my playing as i did since I chose to study your approach. With all my rambling, I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you’re doing. I really hope one day in the future we cross paths. I wish you nothing but the best and if there’s anything I can do to help spread the word in the states I’d be more than happy to d!o so!