windworks Sunday Sessions Live

Hi all,

Welcome to 2023, the biggest year yet in the History of Mystery to Mastery.


Site and course changes

You will notice gradual changes, including website and course design, video order plus new videos, a new dashboard and some other surprises to make it your best year ever as well.


How are we doing?

Some of the changes have been made thanks to your generous feed back.  If there is anything you would like to see in the course or anything that bothers you, please let us know and we’ll do our darndest to accommodate your ideas.


Google Reviews

In trying to spread the word about the WindWorks Trumpet Academy, Sunday Sessions LIVE and the Teaching Tuesdays LIVE, it would be enormously helpful if you could write up a little review.  It all really helps and is super appreciated.


Testimonial Video

To push the friendship even further, the best way to get people fired up for the course is to hear it from the horse’s mouth.  If you could quickly film yourself, only 20-30 seconds, saying your version of, “Hi, I’m Greg from Australia and I have been playing trumpet for 35 years. Windworks has really……..” that would be HUGE for us.


Sunday Sessions LIVE 8th January



Session 1: UK/Europe 9am London – 10am Berlin

Australia Melbourne 8pm/Brisbane 7pm


Session 2: USA 4pm New York – 1pm California

Australia Melbourne 8am/Brisbane 7am (Monday Morning)


Go with the FLOW, RELEASE, don’t BLOW!

Kind regards,

Greg and the WTA Team