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"The physiology of brass playing has been shrouded in myth and misconception for decades, leading to pedagogical practices that are at best useless, and at worst quite damaging. Trumpet virtuoso and myth-buster Greg Spence has sorted us out, setting forth a method that defuses the madness. At once brilliant and stunningly simple, Mystery to Mastery is essential material for the global community of brass players." - Rex Richardson, International Trumpet Soloist



  • The Body’s Concert Hall
  • the amazing Singing C Series
  • aRRRRticulation
  • Passive Reduction
  • The 4 Factories
  • Aperture Corner Development
  • Leadpipe Troubleshooting
  • Blow Bubbles Not Brain Cells
  • Who’s Teaching Whom?
  • Practise Cool - Play Hot
  • Pu-Lip-Ku-KMT-Tu (my fave) 
  • Fear Factor Forcing  ...and heaps more, then you haven’t really experienced Mystery to Mastery.



This is the coolest part of WindWorks!  You can start changing your approach anywhere, anytime.  Yes, the Singing C Series is unbelievable, but to learn to do it correctly, you can do the mental reprogramming and sensation development ANYWHERE.  Listen to and/or watch the videos wherever and whenever you like.

So you are:

  1.  A complete beginner who wants to get off on the right foot and fast
  2. A part time player looking to develop your skill
  3. A frustrated professional player looking to get more satisfaction from playing.

You are about to discover where your limitations lie, how to improve if you are struggling, and how to overcome your barriers to playing with ease.  This new and exciting approach will surprise and excite you, just give it a go.



Watch this short video to see how you will develop your skills in the Foundation Level.


For almost two decades, Greg Spence has been helping players like you smash through and conquer what was holding them back.  Now his latest material is taking the brass and wind playing world by storm.  BE PREPARED TO BE SHOCKED!

If you’re a beginner and you want to progress quickly, or you are a part timer or serious pro who wants to play more easily or increase range or improve sound or increase endurance (which is actually a byproduct of playing more efficiently) or all of the above...

You simply must see:

  • the revisited updates to his most recognised videos - The BackSwing, The SlingShot, The Mouthpiece, The Leadpipe and SHAPE.
  • the new approaches like - The Body's Concert Hall, Passive Reduction, aRRRRticulation, FEAR FACTOR FORCING and many, many more.
  • the Dashboard
  • the Practice Progress Charts
  • the Forum
  • the Singing C Series (revolutionary)
  • the Quizzes (fun and educational)
  • Printable exercises.

>>> new multi-level online learning platform<<<.

Now you can get help 24/7 to make your own breakthroughs, on your own time ... and it doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro.



If you're here because you've clicked through from the Bob Reeve's Trumpet Podcast ("The Other Side of the Bell") Episode #59 featuring Phil Smith, then we want to extend you an extra special welcome and say thank you for dropping by!

A special thanks to John Snell and all of the guys at Bob Reeves for their on ongoing support. 

Make sure you check out their fantastic mouthpieces and be sure to get a valve alignment done on your instruments.

Greg was very excited to hear that Phil Smith spoke at the University of North Texas and spoke highly of the Mystery to Mastery approach and how beneficial it was for him as part of his rehabilitation from Focal Dystonia.

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