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1. Your approach to learning is rushed - let's cool it

2. Unrealistic expectations create anxiety - let's get real 

3. You are working too hard - we'll FIX that

4. Play EASILY - it's different than you think

5.  Playing higher - it takes LESS air and LESS effort  

6. Your LIPS are a big problem - their role might surprise

7. Practice ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - The WindWorks Secret

  • Our experience shows that most trumpet players are frustrated and want to play at a higher standard more easily.
  • Our experience shows us that people want the solutions but don't know where to find them.
  • Our experince shows that when provided the answers, very few take the time required to learn...



WindWorks by Mystery to Mastery uses simple, easy to understand concepts and tips to elevate your trumpet playing to new heights.

"Greg, Bravo on your new WindWorks program, I am really enjoying it.  It is bringing me back to my days studying with Arnold Jacobs and Vince Cichowicz. Your insights have definitely brought even more clarity to brass playing and the psychology of results!  I studied with 'Jake' in college and he would be proud of you spreading the news and even improving on his groundwork!"  Phil.


For almost two decades, Greg Spence has been helping players like you smash through and conquer what was holding them back.  Now his latest material is taking the brass and wind playing world by storm.  BE PREPARED TO BE SHOCKED!

If you’re a beginner and you want to progress quickly, or you are a part timer or serious pro who wants to play more easily or increase range or improve sound or increase endurance (which is actually a byproduct of playing more efficiently) or all of the above...


You simply must see:

  • the revisited updates to his most recognised videos - The BackSwing, The SlingShot, The Mouthpiece, The Leadpipe and SHAPE.
  • the new approaches like - The Body's Concert Hall, Passive Reduction, aRRRRticulation, FEAR FACTOR FORCING and many, many more.
  • the Dashboard
  • the Practice Progress Charts
  • the Forum
  • the Singing C Series (revolutionary)
  • the Quizzes (fun and educational)
  • Printable exercises.


Learn from your mobile phone or tablet, how to make deep, lifelong changes to your playing by adopting the WindWorks Secret - creating new habits or neural pathways by upgrading the way you think about playing; it's new, powerful, effective, amazing!  #whywait?


About Greg Spence?

As a PERFORMER, Greg has performed classic tunes with famous artists such as:

  • Goldfinger with Shirley Bassey,
  • It Had Better Be Tonight with Michael Buble,
  • Walk On By with Burt Bacharach,
  • My Girl with The Temptations,
  • Volare with Wayne Newton,
  • Hallelujah with KD Lang,
  • There Must Be An Angel with Annie Lennox,
  • Firework with Katy Perry

and so on, the list is very long.

As well as playing at Carnegie Hall NYC for G'Day USA Australia Week and over 50 professional musical theatre productions, Greg has toured with the Cat Empire, James Morrison and played lead trumpet for 10 years on Australia’s Dancing With The Stars.   He's also played with every major orchestra in Australia with the likes of Olivia Newton John, John Farnham, Hugh Jackman and Tim Minchin amongst others and played the soundtracks to West Side Story and the Pixar films in real time.

As an EDUCATOR, Greg has presented at:
  • The Midwest Clinic - Chicago presenting to huge acclaim "Dispelling Brass Playing Myths"
  • The University of North Texas, Sam Houston University, Baylor University, USA
  • St John's College Cambridge, UK
  • Jazz Institute of Berlin, Germany
  • Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Presentations by special invitation to the Royal Guards and the Copenhagen Philharmonic brass sections, Denmark
  • Melbourne International Brass Festival, Australia

This too is just a taste of Greg's vast experience.


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