Hi all, you’ll see some gradual changes in structures around the site. Matt, our IT guru is on the job, so please excuse some weird-looking pages, etc. We are aiming to make it a better, more streamlined user experience based on feedback, suggestions and my crazy ideas… (hint) Get your PPC’s happening, we will be using them in the Support Group soon.


There’s still a lot of people who haven’t registered on the Support Group platform.

You will miss out on some really cool stuff over the next few months as we fire it all up (and of course ongoing.)

If you do not see a My Support Group link on your dashboard, PLEASE let me know. This all had to be set up manually to get started.


Thanks to those who entered the FEEDBACK CHALLENGE, the first one will be released this week.

I am working on a hundred things at the moment so things can take a little extra time but rest assured there are some cool plans in the pipeline.

I am starting livestreamed one-on-one lessons within the support group. If you would like to partake, please send me an email so we can organise a time and promote it through the group.

Remember: SHARING is one of the major parts of the Mastery Of Learning.


Have a great day and see you at Sunday Sessions – WindWorks Forum Live 7pm and 7am AEST.

Happy tooting,