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WindWorks Foundation Level

LARGO – “in a slow tempo and dignified in style”

WindWorks LARGO members are a very mixed bag ranging from outright beginners through to seasoned pros that have realised the error of their ways and need to reboot.  This dignified lot realise the importance of efficiency thanks to the abundance of conceptual and instructional videos and the importance of purity of sound on their Low C. The pieces played by these guys are slow and low but beautiful brass playing in the low register at a slow tempo can often be the most demanding. LARGO members are patient observers of the learning process who are bursting with joy at the mere thought of playing their instrument in a better way; they also know the importance of developing a healthy fundamental range.


ADAGIO – “In a leisurely manner”

WindWorks ADAGIO members are the naughty kids from around the block.  Watch out folks, these guys are armed with the most powerful brass playing information available (aRRRRticulation, Passive Reducation, The Body’s Concert Hall).  They still patiently develop the Largo Status Stage daily but have a bit of attitude ‘coz they “sound so good yo!”  This unruly mob are hitting up the exercises in a leisurely, but cool way, as they know that rushing will only create negative tension which will ultimately lead to their demise.  Some of the more courageous ADAGIO dudes are adding in the advanced “Singing C” supplementary exercises to their practise.  We would love to tell you more now BUT you gotta earn it!


ANDANTE – “Walking speed” 

The more refined ANDANTE members have learned that it takes a lot of clever practise to correctly conquer the Foundation Level.  They know that a bad attitude and a misguided ego will only turn you in to a brass playing outcast. Rather, they like to spend their time refining their skills and playing quality music in a classy way. They walk with a confidence and maturity (not a strut like the ADAGIO guys) that is attractive and they know that although they still have a long way to go, they are heading in a very exciting direction.  The pieces they play are getting more complex and thanks to their dedication to the Interactive Practise Progress Charts, they are developing so quickly, their friends are often stunned at the rapid improvement.


WindWorks Premium Level

MODERATO – “Moderation in tempo”

As the superior Foundation Level members, these Moderato subscribers know that constant and smart practise in moderation is far better than one hour of teeth smashing every three or four days.  By this stage, most Moderato members are starting to find their preference as far as musical direction goes; WindWorks encourages its subscribers to play all styles at the top level.  If you can play a concerto, lead trumpet in a big band and improvise, you will be on the fast track to a very successful playing career. 


ALLEGRO – “Lively, cheerful and brisk”

Welcome to the Premium Level for Premium performance.  ALLEGRO members are all business, developing with gusto by understanding the intricacies of articulation (Pu-Lip-Ku-KMT-Tu), body mechanics (Breathe to the Lungs) and a healthy learning psychology (Practice cool, play Hot, Who’s Teaching Whom, Fear Factor Forcing, Expectation kills Experimentation).  With a highly developed technique, these folks have careers on their mind.  While others around them are falling and failing because of massive overexertion due to a complete misunderstanding of how the instrument works, the lively ALLEGRO members go from strength to strength in a cheerful and brisk way.


PRESTO – “at a rapid tempo – suddenly as if by magic”

Presto members are knocking on the door of the professional world; they’ve got no time to mess around.  Having mastered the Foundation Level after months of closed eyed embedding of the WindWorks concepts, the precision of the Presto members have them flying through advanced techniques with an ease that once seemed impossible.  Efficiency (Five Degrees of Tissue) is simply the key to constant improvement and dedication to these advanced technical exercises takes these guys and gals onto the concert hall stage.



Simple Playing Tips No.1 – Largo Status Stage


Simple Playing Tips No.2 –  Largo Status Stage


Highlights – Foundation Level


Highlights – Premium Level



Highlights – Ultimate Level



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