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How Good Is WindWorks?

No.1 - Holding The Instrument Correctly

Brass instruments are the best!  They can play all styles of music and are heaps of fun.

Make sure you develop quickly by watching these videos.

Learn to hold the instrument in the right way so you can play all of your favourite tunes easily.

No.2 - Time To Play

Make practising really fun simply by sounding good.  Who is your favourite trumpet player?  Go and hear players of all styles whenever you can.  YOU can sound like your idols!

Learn the BackSwing so your body is doing the good stuff.

Use a tissue to learn the free feeling of playing; it's easier to do and sounds better!

Don't be scared to hum or sing a note.  Can you find where the MAGIC happens? Hint: it's around the 5 minute mark, but don't tell anyone!

No.3 - Avoid The Trumpet Traps (ARGHHHH!!!)

You will improve more quickly if you understand the importance of playing in a relaxed way with a great sound.

Why play like a beginner when you can sound like a pro!

How many great trumpet players have you heard this week?  If you can't get out to see some real guys and gals playing live, there is always YOUTUBE, but nothing beats hearing the real sound.

No.4 - Warm Up And The First Five Notes

How easy is this - out of the first 5 notes, you only need to push valves down on 3 of those notes.

Too easy!  Don't be like the slackers and take a whole year to learn this!

No.5 - Starting The Notes: Articulation

Learn to easily release the air using the tongue to start the notes.

Many people do this in different ways. 

Say "tu" or "too" or "du" or "goo" or "ku" or "lu".  The sound that you need to make will determine how you start the notes.

Sometimes we don't even use the tongue at all.  That is called a breath attack.  Crazy huh?!