FREE Lesson 2 – The SlingShot

FREE WindWorks Access The SlingShot Revisited RELEASING energy after a BackSwing breath rather than blowing hard into the instrument is what separates top class, efficient players from everyone else.   When you discover throughout the WindWorks course how to energise the air in your instrument rather than fight it, your playing, sound, flexibility and range […]

FREE Lesson 3 – The Mouthpiece

FREE WindWorks Access The Mouthpiece Revisited The mouthpiece is where trouble really starts with most players and that is an understatement.   Missing the point of this video will most certainly leave you struggling for years. Forward to FREE Lesson 4 Back to FREE Lesson 2   Check out the MTM Shop   FREE WindWorks Access

FREE Lesson 4 – The Leadpipe/SHAPE

FREE WindWorks Access The Leadpipe/SHAPE Revisited Here are two of the most important concepts any brass player can learn. Forward to FREE Lesson 5 Back to FREE Lesson 3   Check out the MTM Shop   FREE WindWorks Access

Free Lesson 5 – Warm Up

FREE WindWorks Access Warm-Up How to prepare yourself for a successful session of development. Forward to FREE BONUS LESSON Back to FREE Lesson 4   Check out the MTM Shop   FREE WindWorks Access

BONUS Lesson – 5 Amazing Articulations

FREE WindWorks Access Pu-Lip-Ku-KMT-Tu This wonderful video from the Premium Stage of the WindWorks course explains articulation in a way that will change everything for you.   This amazing information is simply the tip of the iceberg!  Have you ever used a Practice Progress Chart? The Best Way To Improve Use the built-in metronome, the […]


The BackSwing Revisited Commanding a correct breath without having to think about it is the first skill that you need to develop. Go to FREE Lesson No.2 Don’t miss the Beginner Series Videos! Go to the MTM Shop