Intermediate Video Series

Intermediate Video No.1

Trumpet Concepts

Is your instinct stopping you from developing advanced skills?  Learn some refreshing concepts to help break through barriers.

Intermediate Video No.2

Neuroplasticity is a complex name for retraining the brain!

To refine your skills, a fresh understanding can be imported into your brain programming.  We are not hardwired!  We can change our habits with repetition.

Intermediate Video No.3

Airflow and Buzzing

There is a serious misunderstanding of how much air is required to play different notes at different volumes.  Use the voice to better understand the mechanics of playing.

Intermediate Video No.4

Practise with the right mindset

Greg explains the ups and down of performing as a pro.  The approach you take in the practise room is going to help conquer any issues you may be having.  Hear about a gig with Herbie Hancock and check out Greg’s Warburton P.E.T.E review.

Intermediate Video No.5

How to play different styles of music

Make sure you have a vivid idea of what you want to sound like based on a lot of listening. Work on the technical basics and play music daily