Practice Progress Charts

Inefficiency Is The Cause Of Most Problems


To get fast and consistent improvement, use the Practice Progress Charts when working on harmonic slurs, single and multiple tonguing.  Simply tick a box or 2 every day to improve efficiency dramatically.


Print out many charts and write down the exercise name on the top i.e. E-A Harmonic Slur etc…



The following exercise requires use of the clock and metronome.



  • Choose a TEMPO and DURATION
  • Start the METRONOME
  • Count the beats/seconds (zero tolerance for inaccuracy)
  • Check the appropriate box when you are satisfied you’ve accomplished the goal
  • Find your SPEED LIMIT
  • Find your DURATION LIMIT
  • Come back daily to break through to new levels of technical mastery.


The only way to increase your limits is
by being more efficient and playing freely.


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Play Both Notes With Valves 12


Play Both Notes In 4th Position



Interactive Practice Progress Chart


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QUICK PRINTING TIP:  Print your Progress Chart out in Landscape format to fill a whole page!

Progress Chart Instruction:

  1. Fire up your metronome
  2. Fill in as many boxes as possible (may take a while on the first day).
  3. Simply aim to tick one or two boxes per day (one longer duration, one faster tempo)