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Hello again Fellow Windworkers!

I’ve had several more coffee moments over the past month and it is rather exciting.

I got my first sympathetic oscillation on the leadpipe yesterday and it felt really weird (in a good way). I felt my whole mouth (even my tongue) vibrating because of how much sound was being produced and with such ease (100 % passive release).

The tricks that got my sympathetic oscillation happening was making sure I engaging my aperture corners and not my mouth corners; something I was initially confused about in the course. To do this I did that V for victory thing Greg has mentioned a few times but instead put on my mouth corners to make sure they weren’t pulling inward and I was surprised by how much an of a difference it was. It wasn’t a pucker but there was inward movement for sure. I could fit my index finger between my teeth. Even for a tuba player that is a big opening. This wasn’t the end as I found my airstream was also too low. It wasn’t shooting downwards straight to the floor but it was hitting the lower part of the tissue I noticed and wasn’t going very high. so I brought my jaw ever so slightly forward and made sure not to roll in my lower lip and the tissue blew straight up really high and all I did was release. my brain was telling me that there’s no way in hell that I can play a note with that kind of opening. But I gave it a shot anyway and the note exploded out the leadpipe and with basically no effort.

Of course I didn’t try to make it happen again and I just reflected on what just happened. Also that nagging 1.0 wiring went silent when the note exploded on the leadpipe which is a relief.

If I’m not mistaken I think I got my first sympathetic oscillation on my first year anniversary of Windworks which is a pretty cool coincidence. One year of replacing those old bad habits like shallow breathing, clamping and also an incredible amount of deep awareness to get a sympathetic oscillation. Old habits really do die hard.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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