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Hey johnelwood, thanks for your input. I hear you, I really do, and I’m keeping all of that stuff in mind. I’m staying relaxed, trusting the process, and rewiring my brain.

However, imagine your aperture. Where you might see something resembling a circle or oval, my aperture resembles something more like a bean. There’s an extra flap on the top of the aperture keeping the opening from being a smooth circle. That flap likes to get in the way and interrupt my airflow. I’ve done a lot of experimentation with this on a visualizer but haven’t made much meaningful progress. I’ve been consistently trying to re-train my embouchure for upwards of 3 years now with almost nothing to show for it. I’m beginning to think that my anatomy will always keep me from playing how I want to play. I should have mentioned that I also get an occasional double buzz – especially when I’m playing a mouthpiece with a deeper cup, like a flugelhorn mouthpiece.

Maybe I just need a little dose of plastic surgery haha.

If Greg could weigh in on this, that’d be fantastic.

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