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Greg Spence

Hi guys, your upper register will develop party as a result of refining your efficieny in the lower register and partly as a result of experimenting with all of the concepts without using brut force.

RONALD Don’t stress about the no buzz. Use your fingers at your aperture corners as demonstrated and embrace the farty sound 🙂 Your chops have been pinched for a long time so letting go and getting a real loose buzz will take time. I want it to be as free as humming – it will happen.

Again, don’t panic about the visualiser, it will happen eventually. On a daily basis, work on letting go and don’t push the visualiser on to the chops, that is embracing old habits of “force for result”.

Cool, keep the free mouthpiece buzzing going just keeping in mind that when you play the instrument in the lower register, the mouthpiece is not buzzing at all.

Stick with it, your are learning what NOT to do i.e. how to let go of the grip in the middle of the lips.

If I am going to develop and great upper register, do I have to buzz at all?

You will hear great players that swear by buzzing and others that have never done it. Ove of the biggest problems with efficient range development is the pinching of the lips so what I am showing you here will help you loosen the middle of the lips.