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Great video Greg,

I recently started the MTM course.
I am playing trumpet for more then fourty years.
I talked to a lot of teachers etc…… but i couldn get any further.
Greatest problem was my embouchure/endurance. When i played live gig’s i was struggeling with the embouchure and was working to hard:-) and felt a lot of tension, especialy in the higher parts.
I read a lot of embouchure settings and have tried different approaches (rolled in embouchure from Jef Smiley, puckered lips etc.), but i couldn get beter.

After recently starting the MTM cours en beginning from scratch i realised that i put to much tension on my lips en that my embouchure setting wasn´t wright (maaaooohh, apperture corners etc.).
After a few weeks of following the course and trying to implement little steps of Greg´s approach and i think that i am finaly on the good road on getting a better trumpet player.
But i realise that it is going to be a bumpy road.

What i have learned the last weeks is the important thing of your MINDSET and FEELING.
Never realised that this was so important.

Kind regards from the Neterlands.
Sorry for my bad English 🙂

stick to proces and the approach and you wil get better 🙂

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