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Greg Spence

So a lot has happened over the last couple of week and is continuing now and it is not all good unfortunatetly. A very serious family illness has stalled all golf research and WindWorks Ultimate Level development.

That being said, when my brain can cope with thinking about golf, it is amazing how some of the very basics are starting to solidify. Weight on the back left heel is more reliable, the plane of the backswing is more consistent although ocassionally I still make an error with the wrists BUT I spot it. The flow on effect is that the club face is too open on the down swing and cut the ball along the gound at 45 degree. Probably 2/10 times this still happens.

Some things feel really natural and others are hit and miss (pardon the pun).

I discovered the weight of the clubhead, there is a video called “The Weight of the Air” coming. The weight of the air is something I’ve used in my mind but don’t use it in the course as it might not make sense to others but now I have found a cool way of explaining it.

Anyway, developing well and will be back into it all soon.

Best Wishes to all and have a safe and happy Christmas.

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