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Adrian Hicks

Recently I have been:
(Note, I try to rest as much as I play throughout, sometimes I cheat)

1. AAHOO Leadpipe long tone x 3 to 5
2. Leadpipe staccato releases x 3 to 5
3. AAHH OOO on low C# – Singing tone – big sound x 2
4. C# (123) to F# (123) Harmonic Slur – the basic: Corners in, AW – OO, Airstream up x 3
5. Single harmonic slur routine from MTM
6. Double Harmonic slur routine from MTM
7. Octave Harmonic slur routine
8. Lip Bends (MTMs or random ones. Both down and up)

Depending on what I am working on I then either do traditional technical routines such as Clark #2, Flexus, scales or do MTM’s above the stave routines if I am trying to build consistency for a ‘choppy’ gig. ie. A Exercises, Bb Exercises onwards. Sometimes I also do Caruso 6 notes a few times a week.

I also recently have been doing some meditation to get more focus and less ‘inside my head’.

Ultimately, you need to work out something that works for you. If you are struggling, perhaps Greg can help you with developing a warmup in an online lesson.

Hope that helps.

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