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Hi Hans,

I can imagine your situation and as Greg said, patience is key.
Trust your specialist and all the medical possiblities there are now.

I am/was in the same situation.
58 yr old an 4 months ago I didn’t know what rheumatism was.
As stroke by lightning within a few days every joint in my body was inflamed. Even one of the jaw joints an the little joints in the larnix!
For weeks I was sleeping in the living room, barely able to move from pain.
During that time I tried to play for an half an hour. That night I had a nightmare that someone tried to pull my arms of my body.
I was afraid to never play again.
On the other hand, it was the reason to start this course:
– I knew I use allways to much tension
– No pressure of rehersals or gigs due to illness
– Be prepared to play in a more relaxed way in case of rheumatic inflammations in the future

Fortunately I am in the hands of a good rheumatologist now and recovering thanks to Prednison and MTX😂💉
I started to do the excercises on a plastic trumpet (500 gr instead of the regular 2000 gr) second hand for around $70. Now I am to to my normal horn and had since months my first big band rehearsel again.

I have the feeling that I am mentally stronger now due to the disease.

With best regards from the Netherlands and wishing you all the best and health for the new year.


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