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Greg Spence

Hi guys, I am so sorry for my absense, I am here working on the Ultimate Level, literally 14-15 hours a day. I want to launch on the weekend before I go away so totally absorbed and calmly frantic 🙂

I understand your dilemma Jutta and I think if done the way Charlie is intending, you’ll end up in a great position. There is as you say a degree of lip manipulation required there and if not careful can turn into a pinch. Again, if done corrrectly I have no problem with it.

Our two approaches ideally will end up in the same position with the same result. If you watch and listen very closely to what I am saying and doing in the videos, I am removing any pinch of the lips, illustrating aperture corners and developing the sensation of freedom of airflow. I make sure to say that the setup that I use doing that is not how we play all notes at all volumes but is a great place to start.

We then add mp, leadpipe and continue the same sensation on the look out for any negative tension or choking in the system.

I am curious as to how you are coming along and what you are trying to acheive when attempting to copy our approaches.

What I have layed out here will get you into position, it just takes a lot of very mindful repetition and a clear understanding of what we are working and why.

Stick with it. #trialanderror #processofelimination

Cheers folks,

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