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Ouch and Yikes, sorry to hear Greg. Wishing you a full and fast recovery.

Thanks to you, I continue to have amazing sensations and success in playing–it has been feeling almost effortless ascending up to high C and beyond at any dynamic with minimal movement by tightening from the corners and leaving the middle of my lips/embouchre relaxed. I still feel like I’m bumping up against an upper limit as I get to F, but I am starting to touch F# and double G more and more and think I was even going above that the past couple of days when screwing around with lip slurs.

I do need to be a bit more methodical with my practice, like the member above stated–I too am winging things a bit, playing different things each time I practice, etc.

But the way I am feeling / playing, I am starting to gain confidence that “owning” a Double G is not too far away–if I work at it, and can even imagine how a double C might be reachable some day–although first things first…it was probably less than a year ago that I hit high C for the first time in my life…

Thanks for the great course and videos making what eluded me for so many years possible. I’m glad that young people today have this resource available; I’m sure we all wish this was around when we were young.

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