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Greg Spence

Hi, I must say this is not a post that I expected to see although I am sure WW and BE are aiming for the same result but coming from polar opposite approaches, so my thoughts…

1. “When applied correctly…” is a vitally important point. I have seen many people not apply it correctly and it causes massive overexertion.

2. If your playing is free, your sound all-over, especially the lower and “cash” registers are open and resonant then that is wonderful.

3. I think you are referring to my apporach of PASSIVE range extension i.e. no blow. If the lips can do their thing without air being forced, then fantatsic. My experience with BE students has in most cases been the opposite.

Just so you totally understand, I am talking from my real life experiences with students. I know the huge amount of work required to develop and publish an approach to playing and totally respect anyone who has done it regardless of the differences. There must be difference otherwise things would not move forward. I like to consider WW more of a trouble shooter for people who are having issues no matter what approach or “school” they are following.

Basically, if positive results are forthcoming then there is no problem with any method or approach; If it is working for you go nuts with it.

All the best,

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