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I don’t mean to hijack this thread (anymore than I already have) but had an interesting experience today… I think it may have been one of those”coffee moments”…

Things were going well on the 10 1/2C but it did feel small at times, almost restricting.

And I noticed that Greg and other world class players can play just about any mp, from 1 1/2C to shallow lead MP’s.

So I started experimenting with my 3C and 3E, which I mentioned above was a paperweight for me.

I decided yesterday to be patient with the 3E and just give it at least a couple days (not a scientific approach).

Today, I focused on a resonant sound and was able to actually play it pretty well, all the way through my functional range (high E or F…okay, E is highest functional).

The sensations were strange and counterintuitive to me–at one point, my high C or E was cutting out and I opened my lips (aperture) wider and sort of pushed my lips to the outside of the mp, which felt odd, but the sound came on louder the wider I opened up and it didn’t drop lower; it felt like I was cheating.

The 3 might still be too wide of a diameter for me, perhaps I’ll wind up somewhere between 10 and 3. But I feel like I’m learning more about playing by trying the different MP’s.

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