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Ronald Carson

You made my head swell with pride. Don’t worry though, I practice my horn today and come back down to earth. 🙂

The first exercises in Largo phase are crucial to repeat over and over daily. The new sensations and new ways of playing need to become your habit. You want these habits to translate into your normal way of playing. Even as you proceed to the other portion of this course, you should continue to practice these simple exercises because new habits take time to develop and old habits are hard to extinguish.

Riding a bike is a good analogy because we do a lot of that by what is called muscle memory. Many actions that repeat over and over become part of that muscle memory and if we have inefficient motions in muscle memory our abilities will be poorer. Using WindWorks, we are retraining our brains and bodies. Just opening your horn case and picking up the trumpet will stimulate old habits.

Do not rush through the beginning. You will need to come back to it often, or better yet make these exercises part of your routine. You will be relearning how to play each note if stay with this course to stop muscling out notes and stop squeezing out high notes that raise your blood pressure making you dizzy. Playing that way can actually kill a person, literally.

I would be interested in reading your progress and frustrations.


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