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Ronald Carson

I did not really address overblowing. Overblowing is muscling the air out of your body. Later in the course, you will learn about active breath, how to support for loud playing.

You will learn to play softly in the upper register with passive air. Your body naturally acts like a balloon. You may think of the passive breath as sighing. Try sighing normally. Sigh with you aah-ooh embouchure and you’ll see it extends how long you sigh. Repeat that same exercise but this time use your tongue to release the air.

Overblowing is when you are forcing more air into the horn than you need to play a certain loudness. You can play a loud low C with just passive breath no muscling required. This will take training, not to “blow”. You will have to support and engage muscles in playing loudly. Greg will teach the difference between passive and active.

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