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Greg Spence

I actually gave Charlie a lesson a few years back but we certainly didn’t do any peeling. Whilst there are elements of what he says that I am in total agreeance, I have a few issues with it both from a psychological impact perspective and over exertion perspective and I understand of course that is not the intention. There are micro but visual changes happening when “peeling off” and he even says he “relaxes a bit” when putting the mouthpiece back on to which I feel, why engage in the first place, it might encourage unnecessary clamping of the oscillator.

I totally respect Charlie as a monster player and fantastic, enthusiastic teacher and there have to be differences and ultimately I encourage people to try things and see if they work for the individual.

You will be able to find footage that totally contradicts everything that I say. It is up to the individual to experiment to find what works.


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