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Thanks for all the answers!

I definitely agree that it is up to each and everyone to find out what works for them, and I know that Greg isn’t anti-mouthpiece buzzing, thanks to the disclaimer in the largo stage haha 🙂

I’m just trying to find the similarities and differences between what Greg and Charlie are saying, just to sort out my own thoughts on the topic. As Greg says, maybe their opinions don’t differ that much in reality, and maybe Charlie isn’t aware to what degree he is manipulating to get the buzz and so on.

But I still feel that I may be some sort of “worst of both worlds”, meaning that I don’t have a freely vibrating oscillator but instead is pinching in the middle AND have “no form”, not activating the muscles supporting the embouchure.

Is it possible that I am one of the few people Greg would suggest buzzing to, in order so “set everything straight”, and then at the same time work on the leadpipe with no buzz in order to play with a more efficient oscillator?

Anyhow, I’m sticking with the process, trying to find out what works 🙂 thanks again for all the input!


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