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Greg Spence

Hey Guys and thanks John, you are completely right.

PLUS, If you don’t mind, I am going to use this line, I won’t use your name – “I could never play much above the staff. G above the staff was the top of my effective range despite many years of practice and lessons from reputable teachers.” THIS IS THE PROBLEM FOLKS!!!!!!!

Peter, there is a saying “playing in the red” which is the inside of the lips. You don’t see much written about it but it is considered bad.

Like any setup, some can make it work but it can cause trouble for others.

That being said, I do not endorse it generally but for our purposes it is very useful.

What am I working on with you when we do this?
1. Finding airstream
2. Experiencing freedom of airflow
3. Discovering an unmanipulated mouthpiece rim setting
4. Learning about the horizontal inwards movement of the Aperture Corners

IT WILL FEEL NUTS TO MOST PEOPLE and they will say, I am too wide open and I can’t play like this.

It feels odd to them, as it did me when I was learning it, because we play TOO closed and TOO tight.

Watch the course videos closely with this in mind and it will make sense.

Best Wishes,

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