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Ronald Carson

I think you are not really using “the non-clamp style embouchure” as described in WindWorks. I suggest you do the Largo stage practice until you have the mmm-aah-ooo down and can play singing C Largo exercises using mah-ooo. You are rushing the process trying to play G above top line F. You have not progressed that far. That comes at the end of Presto stage with Presto G singing C.

You will be practicing mah-000 to high C above the staff. Practice the exercises as prescribed and do not rush the process. I think your hanging-on to manipulating your lips as you did when your first attempts of playing the trumpet. You will need to spend time practicing the first exercises with a visualizer or mouthpiece with no buzz. Do not pull your bottom lip in, ever. Do not pivot your horn to push it in. These are habits they need to be replaced with WindWorks habits.

Now if you must play in trumpet outside of practice, you may have to play for a while on one embouchure for performance and another for practice. If you are a student, consult your director and play parts that do not require you to manipulate your embouchure to play higher. I boldly claim that if you will stick with the process and not rush it, you will be very pleased and will enjoy playing.

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This is great!!! You nail many very important concepts Ron, thanks. I have nothing more to add 🙂

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