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I put background info in one of my replies to you, it’s ##29763.

Today was a bad day. I hate practicing exercises that do nothing for you, only to not be able to play anything you want to play after playing them. My range is down to below top line F now, my tone is absolutely crap above F. I feel like windworks has hurt Much more than it has helped and considering stopping this madness. All of the low register playing at FF volume is totally not helpful. if I knew how simple these ‘magical’ exercises were I don’t think I would have bothered to waste my time with this.

STEVE STOP!!! Can you PLEASE let me know when you have time to have a chat on SKYPE, this needs to be sorted. You are trying to make a long-term transitions by clicking your fingers. YOU CAN STILL DO WHAT YOUR HAVE ALWAYS DONE and changes need to be drip fed. It is not “magical” it is logical, it is not “madness” it is logical. The people who are here trying to help you out have offered great advice and I really want you to understand what it is you are working on. Notice that all comments have alluded to not rushing… you must step back. UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF THE POINT OF DIFFERENCE. Please email me. Cheers, Greg

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