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Ronald Carson

Thanks for your reply. I thought I might be shut out of this forum because of my blunt opinion.

I watched the second session almost all the way through. Then I watched the first session, skipping the pauses. I say you should not be chopped out or tired. You don’t sound all that tight in the lips. Maybe it is the lip slurs, but somewhere you must have too much tension if you are tired after what I heard. You probably are overdoing the lip slurs. When I practice the lip slurs, I go through the exercises just before the slurs. Then, do the slurs according to where I left off the last time. Go until I can’t play the keep up with the metronome. I do play on a 3C mouthpiece. I also have a 1 1/2C mouthpiece that I sometimes play on.

Regardless of the great exercises and all the advice, stick with WW for now. Paul Mayes is a great player and teacher.

You are using a plastic horn, right? That horn is pretty good.

Have you worked out a time to skype with Greg?

One important question, are you process-driven or results-driven?

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