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You’re an animal (in a good way). With your dedication and commitment, you’re going to develop amazing skill once you have your “coffee moment” and WW clicks for you.

I’m not qualified to provide instruction, I’m just an amateur on this journey as well. But you asked for feedback, so FWIW:

I wonder if you should focus your time and energy more narrowly and go deeper when you practice.

Perhaps it would be more effective to prioritize certain key things you want to work on, and select certain exercises to develop those specific skills you choose to focus on (i.e. range, flexibility, articulation, dynamics, tone, etc.).

Your practice sessions seem broad and you cover a lot of things during them; which is great in some ways, but may inhibit your ability to develop in any one area.

Perhaps it would be better to devote less overall time on practice sessions but go deeper and really dig deep. And spend a certain amount of time on music–perhaps even playing a piece from start to finish with a metronome to force yourself to articulate, phrase and execute in time to the metronome. If we play extemporaneously too much, I think it’s harder to gauge our abilities.

Also, I could be wrong, but it seemed like your air might not have been consistent during some of your harmonic slurs–like the pitch was rising or falling with the air a bit, kind of like you were kicking with the air or at least not keeping the air steady from beginning to end. Again, I could be wrong, but a thought.

Thanks for sharing with the rest of us and putting yourself out there. I hope this is helpful and wish you every success.

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