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I would be interested to see you play if you post a link. It’s easy to upload to YT. Or you can use Google Drive and just give permission to people who have the link if you want it to be local to this forum.

Thanks again to everyone. This seems to be a good system with good people so I’m continuing with the course.

I think I am really doing WAY too much in the warm up. I don’t have a good idea on how much to play in order to make progress, this seems very important, can anyone comment on this?

For instance, the Stamp book “Warm-Ups Studies” is 32 pages long! It goes way above the staff! How much of this is actually a warm-up? I don’t understand how much of this to play, if at all, for a warm-up. I’ve Really limited it but maybe still doing too much. I realize as well this book is for professionals, but I hope to be like professionals… Then I came across this Joey Tartell warm up which is almost an hour

Today I picked up the horn and played 5 minutes to warm-up, then right into playing parts of the Haydn concerto. I found I was able to play right through the high Bb clearly and with good warm tone with little force required. I couldn’t have done this after my warm-up, I’m usually tired after it. After 5 minutes of doing this I was already starting to lose it. So maybe I’m only really good for 5-10 minutes at a time. How do you judge when to stop, how much to do, when to rest?


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