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Thanks again. I’m going to redouble my efforts on being focussed to WindWorks. I’m going to try to get through the exercises more quickly with less extraneous playing. I hadn’t realized playing trumpet required so much intensive training. I always thought I would ‘figure it out’. Not being a music major I never had the experience of intensive training. That being said, here is the last video hopefully of my ‘doodling’ type practice routine. Back to the Circle, Square and Reptile. I’m just going to stop playing now when I get to where I need to rest, and plan ahead of time how many times I’m going to play each exercises and not go beyond that trying to perfect it.

BTW I found that singing into the horn, then playing a note while singing, and then transitioning to just playing is an instructional thing to do, you might want to try it.

Just a heads-up, I sounded pretty rough today, and ended up spending too much time trying to ‘make things sound better’ with lots of extraneous playing, pedal notes, low register quiet playing, lip flapping etc… I wasn’t too happy with how things sounded today. Should have just come back to it later after a much longer break I think, idk. Prob way too much lip buzzing again. It feels good to do it, but that much is not good for me, I think I agree.

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