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Hi, Bill,
I really appreciate your willingness to put your thoughts and issues out there via video. Hope I will have the courage to do the same some day for the benefit of others.

I understand your continuing analysis and torment, and eagerness to force results. I’ve often had the same drive and approach. However, I’m finally getting to a point where I’m realizing that no matter how much I analyze and obsess over getting things “right,” I can’t force or control results. Shifts will take as long as they take, whether I’m frustrated or not, and frustration only feeds the sense of frenzy. For me, expectations are a major part of this. I can’t have any. I just have to give in to the learning process and be good with my current playing in the meantime. Repeating pure process over time will yield results with little attachment to the highs and lows in the meantime. I treasure those golden moments when everything seems to align and my playing feels freer. But, expecting those to happen and then thinking that because they didn’t, something’s wrong, can lead to frustration. It can be hard to perceive the continuum of change, as it’s often subtle. Greg’s approach is much deeper than it might appear with deep psychological rewiring. Honestly, for me, that is the hardest work of all, but I hear my sound blossoming at times and know that I am pouring a new foundation that will allow me to develop further in the long run. This all comes down to shedding ego, letting go of ANY expectations and surrendering to the learning process.

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