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Thanks Bill, hope it was helpful. I feel good at times ascending with passive air, but will need to work up to having as strong a sound / dynamics as you’ve developed. My gut is that you’re current setup is most of the way there, you are probably just clamping a bit towards the top of your range.

Wildflower’s posts resonate with me–I think there is a lot of wisdom there, as I too have experienced that when I think I have it “all figured out” and can just focus my attention on specific attributes of playing (i.e. aperture corners, etc.), that’s usually when things fall apart.

But when I focus on producing a resonant sound with as free / natural a sound as possible, that’s when I get great sensations, sounds, results.

I still haven’t formed an opinion on the “Wind-O”, I’m going to be patient and give it time. This morning was uneven, there were times I thought it had a big benefit and times when I felt it made me stiff, etc. In fairness to the Wind-O, most of my issues were likely my focus on results rather than process.

Going to try to be more disciplined tomorrow; didn’t use the Wind-O today at all, going to give it a break.

Working on another lap through Largo, etc. and focusing on my air–deep open breath, support, etc.

Bill, if you’re interested in the Wind-O, I can send it to you if you want to pay for shipping–not sure how much that would be; it’s pretty small and light so probably not much, depending on where you’re at.

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