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You’re welcome.

I think the Jason and Greg are probably playing the same way.

It’s just dangerous focusing on air speed in the beginning, as air speed can make up for bad form by forcing open a clamped down aperture and enable you to fight with yourself more than necessary early on.

And the concept of tightening in a ring horizontally and vertically is probably more difficult than focusing on the corners/sides/horizontally.

Plus, my understanding is that the top lip is what matters most in vibration and it has to vibrate 2X as fast (high C vs middle C). My understanding is that flexing your top lip inhibits vibration. Keeping it looser and tightening the sides and opening the aperture as much as possible (while maintaining the necessary support/engagement from the aperture corners (sides) seems to give the best sound, flexibility, endurance, etc.

My $.02 FWIW. I could be mistaken, but thats my understanding. It’s hard to tell/know for sure, but it seems to be reinforced by my playing, experimentation, etc.

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