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Thank you to the posts that have been made so far. I wrote this in a hurry, so I should probably elaborate a little more.

This is purely experimental. I’ve been working through the course for about 3 weeks now doing the preparatory exercises, singing C, etc. So far, it has been a tremendous help, and I am slowly starting to lock in some of the concepts in Greg’s videos. My main concern with my playing is that I am pinching off the upper register, and I was just wondering if putting more of the lip tissue on the mouthpiece would relieve some of the pressure between the mouthpiece, lip, and teeth. The aah-ooh embouchure always seemed a little bit more outward than what I am used to, but the focus seems to be on bring the aperture corners in more rather than worrying about the inward/outwardness of the lips. Overdoing it might cause more issues, so maybe it is best to just use a position that feels the most natural and doesn’t clamp the middle of the lips.

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