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Greg, a few clarifications for the teeth and scar tissue in the video:
– First of all the video image is correct – I’m not used to seeing myself from the front;
– I’ve made a rough sketch of my lips-teeth problems (below) and here are a few comments:

1. Since the upper front incisor is missing there is a plastic insert in its place (drawn in gray) which is shorter than a normal tooth would be but the hole is closed and it feels acceptable;
2. I indicated in the sketch that I place the MP rim to the side over the normal tooth;
3. The scar tissue is right in front of the normal upper incisor, close to the upper lip bottom line, on the inside of the lip of course. It’s somewhat a dense spot when feeling it by fingers but it’s not too big. I drew it in red.

 photo Embouchure.jpg

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