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Finished Singing C’s for today. 1 hour is spent on this.
In all three sections, C#, D and finally C, FF slurs don’t work for me. P slurs are OK.

As I finished I decided to do just a quick test after a break, of how high up to middle C I could go maintaining the singing Low C Passive Release attitude while preparing the Corners as best as I can, without any tension.
I almost reached middle C but it actually came out as a hiss. The B below it is very faint, a whisper B.

One other SAD thing: I have the same old tired feeling in my chops as I normally do. I’ve always had a feeling that my lips for some reason refuse to resonate at higher frequencies. Hence the purpose of this thread.
Too early to claim anything, I’ll continue to do the exercises without being impatient. I’ll do nothing but Singing C’s, say for a month or two and add Largo Status exercises on top soon.
Let’s see…

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