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No one will figure it out for you. Greg and others can give you guidance, but the only way, unless you’re one of the lucky few, is through experimenting to see what works for you.

One thing that helped me in the beginning, and even now, is to play G or A below the staff (for example) then breath attack the G or A on the staff and observe how little incremental effort is involved. G above the staff was the top of my range previously, so I would next play that with a breath attack. So G below, then G on the staff then G above the staff. I would pay close attention to how little incremental effort was involved, then imagine how one whole note higher wouldnt be THAT much more difficult, etc.

I found that being willimg to fail helped a lot. As did focusing on the sound, making minor changes to make my sound better, freer, more resonant, etc.

Good luck!

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